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Custom Tiny Homes

Build and design your custom tiny house 

Down to Earth Tiny Homes is your tiny living expert.  We specialize in custom homes catered to your needs.  Anything from a modernized classic teardrop trailer to a 30’ mobile mansion, we can do it!  We also offer bus and van renovations for those with motors in their homes. Questions about tiny living or advice on your own tiny home? We offer free advice to anyone, give us a call today!


Are you ready to simplify your life?  


Tiny living is a lifestyle centered around simplicity. It is often too easy to accumulate much more than you need, leading to finding bigger spaces to store all that extra stuff!  This repetitive cycle can escalate quickly. A tiny house is a perfect solution. For some people, making the tiny house switch is about saving money on rent or a mortgage, but for most people, it’s about simplifying their lives.


Ready to think outside the box?  

Let’s get creative together! Tiny living is all about maximizing your space.  We want to work with you to make sure you get all of your storage needs met. It’s not just a couch, it’s a seat, storage area, half of the guest bed, and an essential part of the dining room table!

Thinking of living off the grid?

We work with one of the best solar companies in the business.  We are also experts on hybrid power. Many of our customers end up with a totally off grid system that has the ability to plug in when desired.  We offer a full range of appliances that have a hybrid ability to run on solar, propane, and 120V power. We are constantly on the cutting edge with utilities, offering services like radiant heat, and 100% off grid appliances.  It’s not just about saving money, it’s about saving the world we live in!

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