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about us

Located in the heart of Southern Oregon, Down to Earth Tiny Homes is a small business with a team of four dedicated employees.  We are not cranking out shells on an assembly line. Everyone on the team is passionate about every job that rolls out of our shop.  Our number one mission is for our customers to have a successful transition into the wonderful world of tiny living.


We use only high quality materials, locally sourced when possible. Our trailer frames are built by a certified trailer manufacture, all axles, hubs, and tires, greatly exceed working loads.  All of our lumber is purchased from local yards and mills. 


All of our homes are built to withstand the harsh conditions of towing.  Every time a house gets towed down the highway it experiences hurricane like conditions. We use special brackets and framing techniques to insure that your house will stay in one piece.  All framing/rafters are attached with hurricane ties and built to handle 100 MPH winds and moderate snow loads! (Inquire for heavy snow load use).


Thinking of living off the grid?  We work with a leading locally-sourced solar company.  We are also experts on hybrid power. Many of our customers use a totally off-grid system that has the ability to plug in if desired.  We offer a full range of appliances with the hybrid ability to run on solar, propane, and 120V power. We are constantly on the cutting edge with utilities, offering services like radiant heat, and 100% off-grid appliances.  It’s not just about saving money, it’s about saving the world we live in!

Questions? Give us a call!
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