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A Classic Is Reborn

Experience the Fusion of Classic and Modern

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure with our state-of-the-art Teardrop Trailers! Inspired by the original teardrop trailers of the 1930s, we have incorporated a touch of nostalgia in every detail. But that's not where it ends – we've given these classics a modern twist with high-end appliances and innovative design features to elevate your journey.

Our newly designed trailers blend the compact convenience and sleek aerodynamics of the vintage models with cutting-edge enhancements. These enhancements not only keep their essence intact but also meet the demands of the 21st-century explorer. They are lightweight and streamlined, allowing easy towing even by small vehicles – making our teardrop trailers your ideal companion for every adventure.

Every trailer is crafted to perfection in Southern Oregon, with meticulous attention to detail. Using quality, locally sourced materials, we hand-make every part, down to the trailer frames. With 56 custom colors and various finishes at your disposal, your trailer can be as unique as your journey. 

The interior boasts a 5' x 10' footprint that includes a transformative furniture feature, providing you with a cozy sleeping area that can also serve as a comfortable couch. The hatchback kitchen is equipped with updated, energy-efficient appliances that ensure comfort and convenience while keeping you close to nature. Furthermore, all kitchen and storage areas can be customized to cater to your specific needs, ensuring you're well-equipped for your journey.

Embrace the rebirth of the teardrop trailer with us and experience the perfect balance of tradition and innovation. Your adventure awaits you – and it starts with our Teardrop Trailers. Let the journey begin!


Teardrop Components

  • Birch wood interior

  • Hardwood trim

  • Door with locks

  • Window with screen

  • 3-zones LED lighting

  • Custom fit  foam mattress

  • Interior upper storage shelf

  • 3 fold-able cloth storage baskets on interior shelf

  • Tinted Ceiling Vent

  • Leveling Jacks

Kitchen Features

  • Solid butcher block Counter top

  • Birch shelving with hardwood trim

  • upper storage area with dividers

  • Flip up cabinets

  • Paper towel holder

  • Knife Magnet

  • Hydraulic shocks

  • Overhead lighting

  • Under counter storage area


4' x 8' Base Price -  $9,800

5' x 10' Base Price -  $14,900

For Detailed Pricing fill out the Quick Quote Form

Electricity Options


Venture off the grid with our adaptable solar power systems. We understand that every adventure is unique, and so are your electricity needs. Hence, we offer a range of solar solutions, from 50 watt to 200 watt systems. Whether you're powering a DC fridge, charging your computer, or needing to plug in directly to shore power using an RV hookup, we have you covered. This feature allows for greater flexibility, providing a seamless power transition from your off-grid solar setup to traditional electrical grid when available. Unsure of your power needs? Reach out to us, and we'll help guide you to the best fit for your adventures.

Propane Options

The options for built-in stoves and water heaters add a touch of luxury, yet don't take away from the traditional camping experience. But we also recognize the importance of cost-effectiveness and simplicity. That's why we've made sure our camper can easily accommodate a standard 2-burner camp stove. Importantly, there's no exclusive dependency on propane, guaranteeing you the flexibility to adapt to various camping conditions and needs without restrictions.

Water Options


Water access is a must for any trip. We offer built-in water systems for your convenience. However, many of our customers prefer the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a water jug. Choose what best suits your needs, and we'll make it happen.



Customize your trailer with our wide selection of appliances. Whether you need a built-in propane stove for your cooking needs or a water heater for a warm rinse after a day of hiking, we've got you covered. Remember, choosing the right appliances is critical as it can significantly impact your budget. Here are some of the options:

  • Built-in Propane Stove (Requires Propane)

  • Propane Oven (Requires Propane)

  • Sink (Requires Water)

  • Water Heater

  • Gas Heater (Requires Propane)

  • Outdoor Shower (Requires Water)

  • Electric Fridge

  • DC-AC Power Inverter

  • RV Power hook up

Additional Upgrades


Make your Teardrop trailer a reflection of you with our range of upgrades. From a removable table that mounts to the side, providing extra outdoor space, to an exhaust fan ensuring proper ventilation. Here are some additional options to consider:​

  • Removable Table that mounts to the side

  • Exhaust fan

  • Roof Rack

  • Pull Out Awning (Requires Roof Rack)

  • Pop-up Roof Tent

  • Storage Box for tongue

  • Bluetooth Speakers and Stereo

  • Wireless propane gauge

  • Additional door

  • Bed that turns and hinges into an interior couch (5 x 10 only)

Offroad Upgrades

Customize your Teardrop trailer experience to your adventurous spirit with our robust range of off-road upgrades. Whether you're looking to traverse challenging terrains or embark on extended expeditions, we've got you covered. Our offerings include enhancements for improved grip, convenient towing, increased carrying capacity, better ride comfort on rugged trails, and enhanced durability. For those off-road adventures, we even provide an option for extra clearance. With these upgrades, your Teardrop trailer will be equipped to tackle any path you choose.

  • Traction Pads Mounted

  • Metal Gas can Mounted

  • Tow Out Hook

  • Heavy duty Expedition rack

  • All terrain tires

  • Gas Shocks

  • Diamond Plating Lower perimeter

  • Extra Clearance


Get in touch with us today and let's build your perfect home on the wheels!

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