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Teardrop colors and finishes

We offer these options for exterior finishes:

Colored Aluminum

We can use any color from the chart below.  Our painted aluminum sheeting is a high durability scratch free finished surface.  It is the same skinning used on Race Cars.  It is built to withstand the test of time.  All colors are available, and included in the price of all teardrops.  


Anodized Aluminum 

This is a miracle of modern science.  It is an electric process that gives aluminum absolute maximum durability.  All of our anodized sheeting is all two step continuous coil anodizing.  "Clear anodized" Gives that classic metal look.  Call for pricing on anodized products. 

"The Woody"

The woody is a classic look.  We use a heavy duty finish on the exterior to showcase the natural wood grain.  The roof is skinned with aluminum. And all seams are trimmed and sealed with aluminum.  It is no additional cost to go woody on the sides.  

Color chart
Skin Colors.jpg
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